Walter Mays

The End Is Nigh!

Dead week has begun. When not in their rooms studying, sleepless students with glazed eyes and racing thoughts slowly pace the hallways, eager for a break from relentless business, mathematics, and computer science assignments. And throughout all of Kaufmann, young, clueless freshmen are crying out, “What’s all the fuss about?”

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Learn You Some Linux for Great Good Part 0: A Word of Caution

Here be dragons. The Linux world is fraught with pitfalls, gotchas, and undocumented quagmires through which even the most seasoned Linux guru struggle to wade. Using Linux can be productive, but it can also lead to many late nights, many lost files, and many outbursts of frustration. Be prepared.

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My Crazy Notetaking Setup

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that I enjoy messing with my workflow far too much. I’m constantly trying to get a more efficient setup, a faster, newer, better, shinier plugin, and a more robust tool to use. I have an addiction for configuration. However, for the past few months, I’ve found a workflow that works pretty consistently for me.

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