Woah. I Understand Now

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I posted something called “The End Is Nigh,” in which I disparaged those who felt overwhelmed by school. Oh how the turntables… All it took was a good dose of too many credit hours. I was doing a healthy 15 credit hours last semester; this semester it’s up to 19. That isn’t to say I’m not enjoying it. I’m not, but that’s not why.

New Domain!

It’s official: I’ve shelled out for a domain name, waltermays.com, and pointed it to this very blog. Amazing! I waited a long time to do this, since a) I didn’t have a reason and b) that’s money I didn’t necessarily need to spend. But I think this is well worth it. I actually have something I can put on my resume, plus I get to say I have my own website.

My Third Failed Game Jam

I’ve been playing with game development for several years now. I’ve researched engines and frameworks, looked into drawing, level design, and music programs, and thrown around ideas. I even started programming a few of them. Guess how many I’ve finished. I’m not the only one with this problem. Most “game developers” never really get much farther than a working prototype of a few of their core mechanics. While that can be fun — if you call fiddling with weights until the movement doesn’t seem to floaty or heavy “fun” — it’s not as fulfilling as (I imagine) completing a game would be.

Learn You Some Linux For Great Good Part 1: Installation

This is one of several posts in my "Learn You Some Linux For Great Good" series. Part 0: A Word of Caution Part 1: Installation Part 2: Getting Comfortable Part 3: Command Line Syntax So, you’ve decided to forge ahead. In this part we will discuss some important jargon to know, look at some distributions (and discuss how to tell them apart), create installation media, and install Linux.

Adventures in Haskell

Something has possessed me to learn Haskell. I’m not sure what exactly, but it must be an evil, illogical demon, since none of my courses nor my possible internships use Haskell. Additionally, I am convinced that Haskell programmers have an IQ of at least 170 (which I most certainly do not have), so it’s probably an impossible task. Nonetheless, I shall soldier on. My first thought was to attempt to port a working program to Haskell.

Learn You Some Linux for Great Good Part 0: A Word of Caution

This is one of several posts in my "Learn You Some Linux For Great Good" series. Part 0: A Word of Caution Part 1: Installation Part 2: Getting Comfortable Part 3: Command Line Syntax Here be dragons. The Linux world is fraught with pitfalls, gotchas, and undocumented quagmires through which even the most seasoned Linux guru struggle to wade. Using Linux can be productive, but it can also lead to many late nights, many lost files, and many outbursts of frustration.

The End Is Nigh!

Dead week has begun. When not in their rooms studying, sleepless students with glazed eyes and racing thoughts slowly pace the hallways, eager for a break from relentless business, mathematics, and computer science assignments. And throughout all of Kaufmann, young, clueless freshmen are crying out, “What’s all the fuss about?” I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but the end of my first semester seems eerily easy. To be sure, I have a few big tests coming up, some of which count for a large percentage of my grade.

My Crazy Notetaking Setup

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that I enjoy messing with my workflow far too much. I’m constantly trying to get a more efficient setup, a faster, newer, better, shinier plugin, and a more robust tool to use. I have an addiction for configuration. However, for the past few months, I’ve found a workflow that works pretty consistently for me. Note-Taking I take all of my notes in Vim.